Butlers Chocolate Factory

Butlers Chocolate Factory

Butlers Chocolate FactoryButlers Chocolate Factory

Butlers Chocolate Factory is one place that all chocoholics will want to pay a visit to, and it’s easy to see why. The tour of the factory, which is in North Dublin (near to the airport), is a real treat for anyone of any age

The Ultimate Chocolate Experience includes a chocolate movie where you will find out more about the process of making chocolate, including tastings at every stage throughout the visit! A visit inside the chocolate museum, then entrance to the chocolate gallery overlooking the factory floor (the smell is just amazing!). A chocolate novelty and entrance to the chocolate experience room where you will be able to see chocolate being made close up and you will even get to decorate your own items! You will also be able to take anything that you make away with you so you can enjoy it later.

On site there is a lovely café with delicious coffees and hot chocolates to choose from as well as a light lunch menu.

So if you are into chocolate this is one visit that should be on your ‘to do’ list!

The factory is located about 30 minutes from Dublin City Centre and about 10 minutes from Dublin Airport so perfect for a first or last stop to/from airport.

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