Baking Lesson at Brigid’s Garden

Baking Lesson at Brigid’s Garden

Brigids Garden

Baking Lesson at Brigid’s Garden, Galway

Brigids Garden is the perfect place to go if you love gardens and want to be able to immerse yourself in some of the best that Ireland has to offer. There are four gardens here, one of each for the four seasons – the Samhain Winter Garden, the Imbolc Spring Garden, the Bealtaine Summer Garden and the Lughnasa Autumn Garden and these are all based on the landscape of the west area of Ireland and are a joy to walk through.

As well as being able to enjoy the gardens you will also be able to book in for a scone baking lesson at Brigid’s Garden and these are ideal for the budding cook. You will be shown how to make scones the traditional Irish way with a trained chef who will take you through each stage to make these delicious treats. The lessons are for around 10 people on average which means that you will be able to ask questions if you need to, and go at your own pace without feeling rushed – ideal if you don’t have much experience in baking.

Baking Lesson at Brigid's Garden

When your scones have been made you will be able to sample them and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with them. This is a great way to finish the lesson and you will be able to chat with the others who have been making scones with you. So if you want to perfect your scones this year and experience some wonderful gardens then this is the place to be.